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New process initiative for our clients

Republic Construction has become the region's premier large scale door and hardware installation contractor. As this portion of our work has continued to grow, we have analyzed each component of this process in an effort to provide superior service, speed, and quality control to our customers on a range of projects. We are now able to provide installation services on any size project that facilitates increased productivity resulting in shorter install timeframes, reduction in lost or damaged hardware, reduction in callbacks for incorrect or mis-installed hardware and better integration with the critical path activities on the jobsite.

To achieve these significant advantages, we have now integrated control measures for all the steps in the door/hardware install process. These measures include coordination of deliveries to optimal storage and stocking locations on each project for both doors and hardware. Receipt and Inventory analysis allows us to coordinate with material providers to insure the products necessary for each phase of the project are available when and where they will be needed. Secure access areas for the hardware to prevent loss allows us to assume control for these high costs products. By establishing Pre-Assembly areas and processes, we minimize the total time for installs, all but eliminate hardware installation errors, reduce jobsite conflict with other trades and prevent damage to products during the install process. These pre-assembly areas also allow for, and promote higher Quality Control results while affording intense oversight and training of tradesmen.

These installation advantages are also applied to an ever increasing range of specialty doors and hardware that we install. Specialty fire seal doors and hardware, Military security blast doors frames and hardware, programmable security hardware utilized in hospitality, medical, and secure area service facilities as well as the newest public emergency access and egress hardware.

Whatever the need for quality, complexity and timely door and hardware installation, our customers count on us to help complete their projects efficiently, accurately and timely, throughout the mid Atlantic region.

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